Image Editor
User can edit the image easily without worrying about the implementation providing an absract view with the help of Tkinter GUI.
Python: Tkinter, Numpy, OpenCV
Personal Site
Static website
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Battery Indicator
A simple Battery Notifier application using Python. A battery notifier is a simple application that produces a notification message and ask to plug your charge every 10 second unless you plug you charger on the desktop.
Python: psutil, pyttsx3, win10toast
MCA (2022-2024)
Galgotias University
CCS University
Languages: C, C++, Python
Frontend: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Tools/Technologies: Git, Linux, Postman
Core Concepts: DSA, OS, CN, DBMS
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My Holopin board

Holopin are cool virtual stickers that you can collect. Don't have many of them yet, but I hope that my collection will grow :-) And in theory they should over the time represent my interests.

@chandanck22 Holopin board

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